Wednesday, April 7, 2010

closing curtain

to friends i haven't met but actively chatted with, fyi i am closing this blog due to certain reasons.

i cherish all the talks and blahs about what we've been through.

of course, typically me everything sounds complicated when it's about my past.

find me at live msn:

someday goodbye will be farewell are you ready? hehe..

this blog will not be updated anymore, so feel free to delete the link in your blog or erase from your memory.time to move on.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

at the sushi bar

its time for oyster dip and 4 types of sauce were on the table.

1 of them contain alcohol.

we had this buffet dinner in a hotel in KL.

a friend of mine said eagerly, "don't take it." , pointing at the sauce.

well i know i won't anymore.

what was really amazing, she didn't have to go through the hell i did for her to not take it.

because it's not about that 0.00005% alcohol. it's about what will happen after that.

and i started to think,hell this is one true strong lady.

Friday, February 12, 2010

"Yang hanya merujuk kepada diri sendiri---bersikap riak dan takbur. Di manakah cerita tentang Rasulullah? Di manakah cerita tentang Pencipta walau sedikit pun ruangnya?

if you are wondering what im talking about, it is Al-Kulliyah sayings on blogging activity today.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unregister, Undo,Unsubscribe,,

tonight i have finally deleted my purplelab profile.

i still have to log in to do that, and saw things that i have seen before.

it looks the same. commitment to something that the truth has deeply understood.

it's time to let go.

maybe next --> facebook.

good luck to me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


26 years of my life has been history that i feel belong to somebody else.

im not quite sure whether i know who i am anymore, are we being sent on earth to wonder who we are? is that really important?

big B, i thought i knew back then, but i was wrong, and what about now? have i forgotten that learning is a life long process? and have i forgotten the person and the things matter most in life are those you spent your time less with. siting and waiting for you.the ones you have spent most of your time spent the less time when your life almost bid farewell.

it's nobody's fault but it's a sign.

devil and angel is not out there, it is always here, hanging in your thoughts. they do exist because YOU exist. duality is the world we're living in. of course.

right and left.
night and day.
fast and slow.
hot and cold.
light and dark.

Eker have said it.

and we'll walk slowly to the end of the tunnel, with our hands tied to our back...heads down. maybe then we'll know what we should have done. BETTER.

the end.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Im proud to say that...

when the clock strikes 12 on the 1st of January 2010:


terms & conditions:
1) kiss doesn't count
2) less than 2 months relationship doesn't count
3) flirting doesn't count
4) imagination doesn't count
5) loving yourself doesn't count
6) owh wtf,anything as long as it doesn't feel like a RELATIONSHITEY!it doesn't count!!!

do i wanna stay on?